Ribbon Mesh Security Fence


The Marine Floating Barriers are designed to prevent access of most insurgent water craft, allowing a facility to create a boat resistant sterile zone.


The Barrier is constructed of multiple floating buoys (standard 1150mm dia) that are coupled together allowing for free

360 degree rotation.


The buoys are linked to form a barrier of any length to suit a specific application.


Buoys are supplied with a smooth surface or are alternatively fitted with an array of spikes, the size and shape of which are tailored to suit the threat and the customer's choice.

Barrow Pack Setup 1
Barrow Pack Setup 2
Barrow Pack Setup 3

    • The Marine Floating Barriers are filled with marine closed cell foam which renders them virtually unsinkable even when perforated or punctured by bullet holes.
    • Intruders have no opportunity to gain hand or foothold due to deadly spikes and revolving buoys.
    • The ± 30 tonne breaking strain barrier will restrict access of most insurgent craft.
  •           Bouy only : NSN 2050-99-993-1213
  • All materials utilized have extended life span in corrosive fresh and sea water conditions. Stainless steel components or coatings are offered.


Note: Specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are approximate, manufacturers tolerances apply