11. Smartcoil
Razor Electrocoil
Smartcoil has been designed to provide an intruder detection signal and if required can also provide a high voltage shock.
  • Low cost
  • Simple to erect
  • Effective
  • False alarm minimised


Specifications - Standard Coil Sizes
Coil Type
Diameter (when packed)
450 mm
730 mm
980 mm
Stretch Distance (approx)
8 m
10 m
10 m
Inner Coil Diameter (approx)
250 mm
350 mm

500 mm



Outer Coil

A coil of barbed tape manufactured based in accordance with BT 2396 generally as NATO codes 5660-99-285-3957 or 5660-99-371-1515.

Inner Coil

3 mm diameter smooth galvanised wire


  • Modulated Poly-Vinyl Chloride compound (i.e. dough moulded compound. U.V. stabilized,
  • Fire resistant,
  • Resists 16000 Volts wet condition and 25000 Volts dry condition


Electrification distance: 1000 - 2000m includes :

  • 220V / 12 V transformer
  • Battery - 48 hour reservoir
  • Battery charger

Can be operated with 220 Volt supply or solar cells.
A standard 12 Volt car battery will provide approximately 10 days supply of power.


Schematic Diagram of Electrocoil
Razor Electric Fencing

Conductor/alarm coil

  • As intruder moves onto the outer coil (earth) they touch the inner coil (live) which activates an alarm (or if the intruder earths the inner live coil he sets-off the alarm)

Optional Repulse Shock

  • In addition to the alarm detection system, a high voltage (5-7000 Volt) current can be fed into the system which will give an intruder a non-lethal repulse shock (this is an optional feature of the energiser)


Energised wire

  • This "live return" cable forms a circuit which is used to detect cutting of the barrier, it is fixed to the end of the inner live wire and is considered optional as the act of cutting is also likely to cause a short circuit which will activate the alarm

Razor wire

  • The outer coil which is made of barbed tape concertina/razor wire provides a fierce physical deterrent (this also prevents access to the live inner coil by innocent people)


  • It is connected to a 220 Volt / 12 Volt charger transformer which supplies the power. It also includes a 2-day battery backup


Profile of Razor Wire
Ultrabarb™ Blade Profile
Ultrabarb™ short
High tensile steel wire virtually impossible to cut with standard tools with razor sharp barbs at close intervals provides an awesome deterrent


Note: Specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are approximate, manufacturers tolerances apply